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Albert Einstein

“Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later work belongs.”

Monday, March 14, 2011

what i've learned so far in CRNA school

If i had to give advice to anyone going to CRNA school or in CRNA school this is what i would say:

1)take you CCRN certification- a fair number of people don't have it actually and some schools don't have it as a requirement. My advice is just take even if your school doesn't require it. When you go into anesthesia school you are expected to have a certain level of knowledge that is based from the CCRN exam. I dont have it and, well i do regret not getting it. We always get a couple of funky questions on our exams and our professor always says: "this is basic CCRN material that you are expected to know", which it so true. It will help a lot.

2)use review books to study like one of those anesthesia board review books. Its pretty helpful and helps you get familiar with the type of questions you'll get on the boards.

3)do study groups-i know most people do, but i never was a study group type of person. And actually, I've grown to like it. You bounce ideas off each other, you get to quiz each other and you learn new study techniques and you share mnemonics as well. If you live too far to travel to a study group then skype.

4)Remember to take some time off for yourself-that's one on thing I'm learning to do. I swear last semester i was always in the library like 24hrs/day 7 days a week and had major headache. I've cut back just a little, not too much now cause I'm definitely not the slacker type but i have less headache and i has helped me enjoy studying now. I actually do look forward to my study sessions more now.

5)Bad test scores happen to all of us-Everyone does them, especially in the first year. Don't beat yourself up about it. Understand what you did wrong and learn from the them.

6)Be Confident & Assertive-you'll be surprised at how many of my classmates are afraid to ask a question in class or email the professor. I'll do it, i don't care. No question is ever stupid. Don't jeopardize your study because you're afraid to ask a question.

7)Be Enthusiastic and dont be lazy- yeah, some of our classmates are a little lazy and we taught that the professor didnt see that. Nope... you would be wrong. Of course she pointed out that SOME people are lazy. She did say something mean the other day something to the effect that 2 of the seniors didn't pass boards and that she wasn't surprised because they were so lazy. O Ouch....

8)Feeling Overwhelmed is Normal- Virtually everyone will feel overwhelmed at some stage. Breath in and out, relax, do yoga for 30 minutes. we all go through it.

9)Have an outlet/voice-like me and my blog (although i have much more to say but sometimes just too mentally exhausted to write)

10)You Can Do It-Remember you are smart and you do deserve to be there.Perseverance is the key.

11)You Can and Will Have a Life-You will adjust to the workload and you will have a life and that is one that i have learned the most. Most of all, have FUN. I love practicing in the lab then hanging for a few hours with my classmates afterwords once a week. We have a dedicated friday night that we all hang out and complain about everything from the test to the teachers and the school blah blah blah. Its decompression fridays.

see y'all

Friday, March 11, 2011

Anesthesia is not always easy

Hey guys,
Its like 1 Am and i have an exam on Tuesday. So, i was with my study group today and we went over stuff we didn't understand and helped each other out. Then after the studying session things took another direction. everyone just started talking about their personal struggles.

This one girl started to talk about just feeling like she's loosing confidence in herself and how this program is far more challenging then expected. She feels depressed at times. And every one just started to talk about how they felt and, to be honest, it was a pretty cool moment.

Its comforting to know that everyone else shares those feelings. People started talking about how stressed out and depressed they get. Some people admitted to crying sessions in there private times. WOW!!!And plenty admitted to second guessing themselves.

I've definitely had those feelings. Overall, things are going OK actually this semester but coexisting diseases is killing us, that class is insane. And that is the root of every one's concern. We had this professor before and it just seems like everyone is struggling in that class like the previous semester. He is a great person but his teaching style is awful and confusing. The highest score in the class was in the low 80s. And everyone just seems so anxious and uneasy with that class. I do too. I swear people just seems depressed and confused in that class.

Meanwhile, the other classes are going great. The averages are much higher and we are honestly learning the material and being prepared for clinicals. The other professors have great teaching style and know their material really well and that helps a lot.

It can be a struggle at times. Anyways, looking forward to spring brake.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More spinal pictures

Next stop, intubations!!!!!

My first spinal!!!!

Hey guys,
Here are the pictures that i promised. Sorry, i was M.I.A. I had midterms back to back and was hitting the books pretty hard. Midterms are over, so now i'm in the lab practicing my techniques. And honestly you guys, i am enjoying every moment of lab time. Its fun, stress free and i get to practice with some great and very intelligent classmates.
This semester is pretty rigorous I'll admit. And from the seniors accounts, this is the biggest didactic hurdle in this program. Once you survive this didactic portion, then its on to a different type of stress. And that is the stress of clinicals.

I love talking to the seniors. Most of them are very encouraging and relate with what we're going through. And they are so helpful and give great advice. Honestly, i don't know what we would do without them. I just hope that one day i can give out great advice and help other juniors like they have help us.

And on that note please enjoy my pics. I was practicing spinals and intubation with my classmates. I'll have some more picture for y'all.
peace out