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Albert Einstein

“Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later work belongs.”

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Front Loaded versus Integrated Programs

When deciding which programs to apply to i had to take into account what type of program i felt was the best match for me, front loaded Vs inter-grated program.

How did i decide which one was best for me?

Basically with the front loaded program, you have all of your didactics first then you go into clinicals. I basically taught that if i had a solid year of foundations first then i would be well prepared when clinicals rolled around. Basically, i didn't want to look bad in front of the preceptors. I wanted to a least have a good foundation before going into the OR. I wanted to avoid that "deer in heads lights" look. I wanted to basically know what i was doing versus having some idea or no idea of what was going on.

With the inter-grated programs, you go into clinicals soon after you enter into the program. Some people love it because they feel that this is the best way to learn. They go into clinicals all day, then come home to read about what they have done, and read assignments from classes. I image that people in that program probably end up having way more time in the OR and it becomes second nature to them by the time they graduate. That's cool too.

Did i make the right choice?

yes, i made the right one for me by choosing a front loaded program. And my friend made the right choice also for himself by going into an inter-grated program. I feel less stressed (if that's even possible in CRNA school). For now, i just have to concentrate on learning, and when clinicals roll around i will basically be reviewing what i learned and connecting the dots. Others will disagree and that is completely understandable and please share your stories with me. I am always open to hearing about your experiences, please share.

I recently found out they have a hand full of programs that are hybrids of inter-grated and front-loaded. So if you cant decided, go hybrid!!!!the first semester your in didactics and then second semester your mostly in class and you do 8 hours in clinicals, then the 3rd semester you do more 12-16 hours in the OR and so on....

I am enjoying my break right now, and I'm going on vacation in a few days. I'm excited, and when i get back i have some reading to do although we start back at the end of the month, but its the name of the game.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all

CRNA week is coming up next month. Counting down the days!!!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

What the committee looks for in an applicant

So, potential applicants i spoke a little with one of the members of the committee on student admissions. And this is the run down.

First of, a high GPA is definitely important. People in my class have 3.7-3.9's. But if you're GPA is not that high, that's OK. A 3.4-3.5 could get you in if you also have other great features such as many years if ICU experience and certifications so on and so forth....

Second, a great personal statement/essay is also important. In the essay, they look for personal reasons as to why you want to be a CRNA. They look to see if you have shadowed a CRNA (it looks better of you shadowed a CRNA instead of an anesthesiologist) and don't lie about shadowing either. Believe it or not, the anesthesia community is not that big and they will find out sooner or later if you made false statements in your essay.

They also look for CCRN certification and other certifications. Getting certified is a great indication of what you know, and if your specialty also has specific certification exams then it would be beneficial as well. It shows a commitment to learning and will help you stand out as well.

You need great interview skills, which is something that i will admit that i lacked. You need to be well prepared for the interview and show confidence. I have a couple of the most frequently asked questions on those interviews, just check out the interview question section of this blog. I'll post more when i get some more questions from fellow classmates. Dress to impress as well for the interview and you know the drill...be prepared to also ask the committee questions as well.

If you guys have any questions don't be afraid to ask. If i don't know the answer I'll ask one of my classmates.

And one last piece of advice, try your best to find someone who attended or is currently attending the schools you are interested in and ask them to give you an idea of the program. Honestly you guys, I'm happy that i was admitted to CRNA school but i hate this program. My anesthesia professors are horrible and it just makes your life that much harder. The core professors are above and beyond excellent but that doesn't make up for the anesthesia professors. I wont reveal what program i am attending on this blog but coworkers and friends have asked me about it and i have been honest with them. If i could only turn back time.

But you know what, God is good and he will show me the way. I am in this program and i will give my all and do my best.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Semester two: done!!!!!

Wow, I'm extremely exhausted you guys. These last 3 weeks have been none stop. Its been one thing after the other, final after final. And alas, I'm done. can i have a sigh of relief now?

So, the whole class went out to celebrate after our last final and i cant believe its done. Guys, this is far more challenging then i expected. Anesthesia school is nothing compared to nursing school. Nursing school was a walk in the park for me. I mean, i studied a lot and got off the chart grades. But anesthesia school is a whole different ball game. I study twice as hard and twice as much. I make As and those dreaded Bs that i hated so much as an undergraduate. But you know what, I'm not going to complain anymore. I am just going to accept it and move on. And just like a dear classmate just told me, we could of been in worse situations with C's.

I have to start mentally preparing myself because next semester is more challenging from what I've heard.

I will definitely post lessons learned these next few weeks, but for tonight i just want to rest my mind and pray to the Lord and thank him for being by my side and always guiding me.

Its Christmas and i have so much to be grateful for!!!!

Thanks for reading. I have so much to share with y'all.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

its sad: another student dropped out

Came as a complete shock. Man that feels really bad. I still cant believe it. I knew that i didn't see this person for a few days but certainly didn't think they were going to drop out. We are nearing the end of the semester, just finish it out. Go out with a bang. I don't know the full situation, but i wish them the best and good luck.

Well, this person did give some explanation saying that the program was just to hard, and they didn't have that drive and motivation to do it anymore. And who knows might of had some personal issues too leading to that decision. And to be honest, i have my bad days too. This is not easy. And when i have my bad days i call my motivating buddy, Mr S, and my girl V. Heck, even my ex calls sometimes to motivate me(and that's another topic of its own).

Honestly, i cant emphasize the support system enough. You need it. You can not do this without cheerleaders and people to motivate you. I'm lucky that i have great family and friends. And i am grateful to still have that burning drive to do this. Its not easy, and its overwhelming at times. i cant count how many times i have called people to complain and cry too. Thank you for listening and giving me a shoulder to cry on. I need it.

Good luck and i hope you made the right decision for yourself and not look back on this and regret it. You will be missed dearly.

Saturday, December 4, 2010



Only a couple of more weeks until the end of the semester. Man, i tell you, i am so looking forward to my vacation. I'm going to be so lazy during the brake, I'm going to watch TV all day and lay in bed like the biggest couch potato you've ever seen. This is exhausting, and part of the reason is because the school of nursing is in the process of revising the CRNA curriculum and we are basically the first class doing this sequence of classes. And it is not fun, and i think that they have realized that this sequence is unrealistic and more changes need to be done.

I know that i can be an overachiever sometimes, but right now i just want to learn as much as i can to keep my patients safe and to graduate from this program successfully. Is that so hard to ask?

My classmates overall are great people, but there are a couple of funky ones also. They seem to be all over achievers, and hard workers as well. But you do have a couple who still manage to find time to go drinking and get drunk. It baffles me sometimes that they have times for that, and to go party. Maybe its me, do i need to just chill sometimes? am i too type A personality? i taught i was always type B and easy going. But i don't try to compare myself to others, that's futile. I definitely seek advice from others and then i do what is best for me. Some of them can stay up till 3 AM the night before the exam and come in at 8Am and take the test. I cant do that at all and i cant cramp either, especially for pharmacology.

Finals are a few weeks away and all i ask God is guidance and strength to make it in these last few weeks. My goal is not to be the best in class, but to be great at what i do, and successful.

That's all.