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Friday, May 20, 2011

grades are in !!!!!

Grades are in and I'm pretty excited!!!!!All the hard work paid off and i am counting down to the first day of clinicals. This is one of many miles stones completed in this program.

So, 3 semesters down and 4 semesters to go. While clinicals start soon, i still have a heavy class load. With clinicals and class time eating away at 5 days a week, I'm only left with the weekend to study. I still have some more core anesthesia classes to take. I am no where near feeling 100% competent yet but I am definitely on my way.

I know that the first rotation, the preceptors don't have high expectations from you. They expect you to know basic anesthesia knowledge but don't expect you to successfully intubate every time around.

My first few rotations are general rotations and i start specialty rotations around april 2012. my classmates are so nervous about their peds rotation, but I'm actually looking forward to it. It should be fun fun fun!!!!

I got my mass general pocket guide, the hard to find Ezikiel pocket guide, i got my Ipad2 with lots of anesthesia apps, my nurse anesthesia pocket guide and i am ready to go.

I am so thankful that ive made it this far. Remember a while back, towards the beginning of my blog i spoke about my friend who failed out of the program. She got dismissed after the didactics portion. This is certainly not a reflections of her intelligence and i will say that this last semester was really hard and i can understand where she fell thru the cracks.

Now with clinicals its adjusting to another type of stress; waking up early, setting up the rooms before your preceptors come, answering questions on the spot, getting yelled at by your preceptors, doing actual procedures on my patients. No more mannequins. Well, maybe once in a while I'll sneak into the lab to play with the mannequins, we'll see.

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