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Friday, May 27, 2011

And so clinicals/ residency starts.....

WOw!!!!what a first week!!!Absolutely amazing and i am learning so much. Dont get me wrong, its a lot to learn and a lot to remember from the didactic courses. But everything is starting to make a lot of sense and i am connecting the dots.

So far, the hardest part about clinicals is getting up in the morning. I am extremely exhausted but my body will eventually catch up. I'm just so use to staying up late till 3:00 am and waking up at 9 am to study. Going to bed early is certainty not fun but hey i have to do what i need to do.

Another issue Ive come across so far i having so many preceptors. it's only been 1 week and I've worked with 4 people. And each ones has their own ways and in between that there are also attendings that come in the rooms from time to time and they also want to teach you their own ways. And overall, this a lot to learn and with so many ways of doing one thing. whatever......

Anyways, getting use to the whole sequence on induction, maintenance and emergence of anesthesia. And don't forget, people are like quizzing you like crazy. The CRNAs that your working with are quizzing you and the attendings are also quizzing you as well. Anyways, you know quizzing puts you on the spot and can be nerve racking. But what can you do? you can only do your best and go home and review what you don't know and reread what you have forgotten. Of course, being the slick eyed monster that i am as soon as they ask me a question i'll ask them a question back as well and if they cant answer it, they'll leave you alone. Some people are really helpful quizzing and others just wanna make you look bad i feel. Whatever, i have thick skin and i can certainly handle the criticism with class cause i have a big ASS. LOL!!!

Anyways, school didn't start yet although clinicals did start. The trick now is trying the balance making these careplans every night for my patients and balancing putting in some study time for classes and for clinicals. I dont have any assignment reading for clinicals but doing care plans requires reading and i want to read over whatever i get wrong when my preceptor quizzes me.

I haven't intubated successfully yet. But its only the first week and right now I'm focusing on trying to learn the techniques of others then try them out for myself. Anyways, i haven't had any A-line or really sick patients yet. I've only had the typical hystorectomies, myomectomies, D&Cs, gastric banding, LMAs and ETTs.

Having fun guys!!!!
see y'all later


  1. Well, glad I come across your site , so as to get an insight of the whole situation.As I am planning to apply for CRNA program next fall....this is really a great help.All the best for your career & all your exams.....good luck.

  2. HI,
    I just want to ask you about DNAP...hoping that you must be well informed of the same as you are in the field already.Is CRNA program going to be DNAP now onwards if so from when?...also if one take CRNA prior to the implementation of DNAP....do they have to retake the DNAP again?
    One silly quetion:Once we take CRNA certification, is it also posiible to keep the RN licence valid?(incase if you dont get a job soon!!!!!!!)Thank you,MO

  3. why are you not writing.......waiting for your experience out there...I love your site.

  4. Sorry, i was learning to juggle this new phase in my CRNA program. I think i have it down now....
    i'll be writting....got lots to say :)

  5. Hey MO, sorry for the long reply/ The DNAp programs will go into affect in 2015. 2015 thats when they will start converting the programs to DNAP. If you received your CRNA before then, you will be grandfathered in meaning that you wont have to take the DNAP BUT it is recommended that you take it.
    And of you want to keep your RN license up to date, thats fine in case you dont get a job immedialty but i highly doubt that you wont find a job. You probably wont get a job depending on where you live (ie los angelas, new york city) but if you are willing to move you will always find a job.