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Monday, June 20, 2011

Hey Y'all

hey y'all,
sorry for the late update. The first month of clinicals is really difficult, more difficult then i expected. I was just having trouble juggling things and fixing up my schedule to make time to blog. Its been a month now and i think that i've finally gotten a hang of it.

The first few weeks were really hard actually. The hardest part for me personally is just getting use to so many different personalities at clinicals. So far, i've had about 13 preceptors and each one thinks they are better then the next. And as soon as you've picked up a few tips from one preceptor, another one comes along and tells you that your doing things wrong and this is how you do it. Get the picture!!!

Anyways, i've learn not to focus on that aspect but instead pick up ideas here and there from each one and incorporate what i've learned from each into my practice. There are so many ways of doing anesthesia. And frankly, the hardest part if it all is emerging a patient from anesthesia. Wow!!!! Landing that plane after a smooth ride is not that easy. EVERYONE of the preceptor i've had so far does emergence differently.

Anyways, let me tell you about a few cases i've had so far.
lets see!!!hmmm

I had a brain aneurysm my 2nd week of clinicals. And you guys should have seen the looks on my classmates faces when i told them. Pure shock!!!!
i'm a novice after all. i've read what do in those situations but haven't put it into practice. lets just say that i was working like a dog. I had no idea what my assignment was going to be. We had just finished a case and my preceptor and i were walking and talking and mingling. Of course he was quizzing me about anesthesia stuff and all. His phone rings, he gives me this awful look and says " i know your new at this but we have to take this assignment, just do the best that you can, under normal circumstances you would never get this assignment on your 2nd week but we have no choice."
It wasnt too bad actually. In the beginning my preceptor and i were running around like crazy in the room setting up, gathering supplies for the worse case scenario. It was pretty intense the first hour and half. We actually went up to the unit to pick the patient. Brought he/she down and performed anesthesia. the patient survived and i learned a lot that day.

I had a number of laparoscopic robotic assisted surgeries. Those i find bizzar because the surgeon is literally sitting in the corner of the room controlling this robot. And frankly, the surgeon looks like a big kid playing a video game. He takes off his shoes and he literally looks like a big kid playing a video game. I mean, i know this is serious stuff. But men, this guy was having way way way too much fun for me at that corner.

I had a couple of bowel obstruction cases. Those were done with rapid sequence induction.

OOpps!!! look at the time.....i have clinicals in the morning.....i'll tell you guys more later.

peace out

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